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You’re my (super) hero

Got a favourite superhero? So have some of our clever makers, it seems. Whether your heart’s been stolen by a dark avenger or a caped crusader, there’s a crafty way to show your allegiance on Felt.

Featured Seller: Toodles Noodles

Every time Liora Saad and her sister called or wrote to each other, they’d use the same sign off: “Toodles Noodles!” This cheery salute became the name and set the tone for Liora’s stationery, which is all about sharing the joy of communication.

Taking note

Hi, my name is Jo and I’m a notebook addict. I have notebooks in every room of the house, in every coat pocket and in every bag. They contain my plots and schemes, my dreams, my shopping lists and my to-do lists. They archive my house plans and garden plans, clothing designs and random doodles. They are a patchwork image of my brain, drawn in biro.