Bicycle love

"Cycle tracks will abound in Utopia." – H.G. Wells

My first bicycle was a purple Raleigh 12. It was a hand-me-down from my brother, which somehow just made it all the more cool. It had backpedal brakes, Popsicle Band stickers (you had to be there) and a cheerful silver bell.

I rode that bike until I was about twelve, then exchanged it for a metallic blue ten-speed. It was a more comfortable, practical ride but it never held the same place in my heart as my little purple demon.

What is it about bicycles that they can worm their way into our affections? Whether we cycle in Lycra, frocks or seventies shorts and tee, we seem to want to personalise, decorate and remember with nostalgia our bikes, trikes, unicycles or bone-shakers.

I recently discovered that many of our makers on Felt seem to share this affection, bringing us a lovely array of bicycle-inspired goodies. We’ve brought together this selection for you, so you can share the bicycle love.


One thought on “Bicycle love

  1. Bicycle stories are always personal, it is not just about speed and child’s first filling of achievement and independence, it is also about family bonding. It warms my heart to sea as mum or dad are teaching kids to ride a bike.

    And there is a new popular thing on wills – scooter. My little son just started at school, and I noticed how many kids ride a scooter. The bicycle is the next step for my little one, I guess.
    Have a nice weekend crafty people,

    Louisa Rull

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