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Flowers forever

Monday, July 10th, 2017

Marrying soon? How about a beautiful everlasting paper bouquet from Catalina?

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Introducing Felt Leisure & Activities emails

Thursday, July 21st, 2016

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Handmade Paper, White by Cheeky Tui
Kowhai Leaves Merino 4ply by Knitcola
Waikari Muddy Green watercolour paint by Celia Wilson
Handmade Sterling Silver Earwires by Ply


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Nature, culture and symmetry in print: art and textile design by Jill Butler

Monday, July 18th, 2016

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From her home studio in Auckland, Jill Butler designs and screen prints fabric, which she then makes into homewares, accessories and stationery items. Jill used to dream about having a place to sell her work where no door knocking was required, and where she could have total control over the colours, design and pricing of the screen printed products she sells.

The simplicity of having an online shop is really appealing to her. She feels that small business owners, with craft/art businesses, are so lucky now to have the opportunity to sell online. “With the internet and online sales platforms we have a wonderfully simple business structure, where we potentially just make stuff… and sell it. We can focus much more attention on making, rather than trying to gather our courage to knock on the doors to get retail outlets! I also like the direct contact with customers.”

Cosmetic bag by Jill Butler

What do you make?
I am a surface designer and screen printer. Mostly I screen print fabric, using my own designs, which I make into items such as gift cards, cushions, scarves and makeup bags. I also print my designs onto wooden coasters and placemats.

How did you get into your craft?
Years ago I did a two day batik course and fell in love with the idea of being able to put my own designs onto fabric. I was working in a library at the time, feeling really uncertain about what I wanted to do as a career. The excitement of designing fabric took hold and though I have had many other ‘day jobs’… in HR, banking, sales and currently gardening, designing fabric has always been there. Sometimes it has been pushed into the background more than I would have liked, but it has always been the work that has given me the most pleasure.

I fell in love with the idea of being able to put my own designs onto fabric.

After a few years of doing batik, a friend who I shared a studio with showed me the basics of screen printing, and from then on screen printing had me hooked.

Your favourite materials, tools, processes?
My favourite tool is my black pen and a ream of photocopy paper. I love drawing with a black pen. It’s the starting point of all my designing. I like to draw on the photocopy paper because it’s cheap and cheerful. I don’t feel the pressure to make a perfect drawing first up, as I would with more expensive beautiful paper. Mistakes and scribbles are made and abandoned without guilt.


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What inspires you?
I love gardening, and drawing plants and flowers is almost my default setting. But I’m pretty much open to anything. Geometrics have intrigued me in the past, and lately I have been inspired by the designs on old plates, tapestries and Chinese embroidery. These are things just floating around in my head right now and I’m longing to spend some time, pen in hand, seeing where they take me.

Describe your creative process?
Oh dear, I am a bit haphazard… not very methodical. It’s all based on enthusiasm. I get an idea, and go for it. It propels me forward until it’s either finished or I take a wrong turning somewhere and I come to a standstill. At that point if I don’t know what to do next, I put it aside and it can rest… as a drawing or an incomplete piece of work… as I mull… sometimes for months… until the solution appears and I can complete it. So I suppose part of my creative process is letting my subconscious get to work on one project while I get on with another.

As far as the day to day work goes, I’m a list addict. Lists motivate me to get through the work. I love crossing off the things I’ve completed.

Describe your work space
I have a lovely studio that was originally a storeroom at the back of my carport. I am lucky that it has masses of deep built in shelving, sky lights and a concrete floor so I don’t have to worry too much about spills and splatter.

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What other creative projects have you enjoyed working on?
I’m a real fan of the 100 Days Project, where you commit to doing a particular creative thing every day for 100 days. One year I did a doodle a day and the next year I did a small painting a day. Both times I have only managed to get to the 50 day mark, but loved the practice of drawing or painting daily. The organisers have recently announced this year’s start date in August. So I’m thinking about whether to do it again and if so, what my project will be. Perhaps not quite as time consuming as my other two, so that I have a better chance of completing the full 100 days.

Another crafty thing I have done lately is make peg angels. One of my gardening clients gave me a huge box of old lace and trims, which is perfect for their dresses.

What are you currently listening to?
Lately I have become addicted to listening to podcasts and TED talks while I work. There are so many wonderful podcasts out there, but one I have found inspiring recently is a series about living creatively without fear, by Elizabeth Gilbert, called Big Magic. They are podcasts based on the book she wrote by the same name, which I highly recommend to any stuck creatives out there.

As for TED talks, I recently worked my way through the top 10 most popular talks of all time. When I’m designing or writing I prefer silence.

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What’s your favourite childhood book and why?
The Red Balloon, by Albert Lamorrisse. It is the story of a lonely boy in Paris and his friendship with a big red balloon. Based on an award winning film, the book is illustrated with photographs that had been taken while filming. I loved the story, but it was the photographs of old Paris that I adored.

I still have my very old copy of the book and I’ve sometimes thought I’d like to frame some of the photos to hang on my walls. I can’t quite reconcile the thought of cutting up my old book, but maybe I’ll take photos of some of my favourites and do it that way.

What are you reading now?
The Castle on the Hill by Elizabeth Goudge. The story is takes place in London and the Southwest of England during the blitz (1940). It’s a gorgeous, meandering story. The writing and characterisation is superb. But it is the details of what it was like living in England at that time that really sets the book apart, as it was published in 1941, so Elizabeth Goudge was writing about current events, so there is a real authenticity about her descriptions of life at that time.

A favourite quote?
“What you resist persists.” – Carl Jung. So, so true!

Tell us about your pets?
I have a little old lady cat called Whisper. When I got her she was almost a year old and had been abandoned, and by her nervousness I would say she had had some rough treatment. She was for sale in the shop attached to a vet practice in Newmarket, Auckland. The group of vets working there at that time rescued strays and found them homes. I was working nearby, and went in my lunchtime to buy a kitten and came out with Whisper. She was too cute to resist.

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What would your advice be for those starting out in a crafty business?
Trust your instincts! I’m not saying there aren’t times when you need advice and help, but remember you are the expert about your business, about you, about your goals and motivations. Everyone you talk to will have an opinion, but only you have all the facts about you and your business.

What’s in store for the rest of 2016?
I want to hand paint more screens. So basically, more designs, and I want to add to my product range. I’m keen to make more cushions and scarves… and a few Christmassy things towards the end of the year.

Jill has very kindly offered a prize for one lucky Felt reader of a set of her gorgeous white rose coasters (below). These stylish screen printed wooden coasters are varnished four times to protect them, and backed with felt to protect your table. To be in to win this lovely prize, simply leave a comment telling us what you like about Jill’s story and her designs. The draw will be made on Friday 29 July and is open to New Zealand residents only.

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The Little Purple Artist

Wednesday, July 13th, 2016

The Little Purple Artist miniature book by Bibliographica

Dressed in black reclaimed leather, my rustic, weathered coat is sure to inspire. Intricate stitching with purple linen thread adorns my coat in a swirling pattern from front to back.

Open me up, and you’ll find I begin & end with snippets of hand-aged batik style decorative paper in blue & cream hues. In between, I’m filled with 36 sheets of purple-stained paper to write your little secrets or mantras.

The alluring thing about me is that my little pages are folded to half their size, allowing you some more room to draw your mini masterpieces. You are able to fold them out and draw miniature landscapes or write a longer sentence – have a bit of a word play. Your own little artist book, perhaps?

Hand torn, my sumptuous pages have been lovingly stitched with purple linen thread ensuring I’ll be a long lasting friend. When not in use, I’ll protect your words with my double wrap brown leather tie which simply secures on my back.

Measuring 1 x 1 ¾ inches, I hang from an antique bronze mother-son link chain which secures with a lobster clasp, allowing me to be written in, worn and admired all at once. Make me yours »

The Little Purple Artist miniature book by Bibliographica

The Little Purple Artist miniature book by Bibliographica

The Little Purple Artist miniature book by Bibliographica


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Christmas cards from down under

Wednesday, December 16th, 2015

Here at Felt we don’t just have the gorgeous gifts – we have everything you need to wrap and present them too. We’ve selected some great cards, gift tags and wrap to help you stack some beautiful gifts under the tree this Christmas.




So check out our cards, tags and wrapping guide today – and make sure you’ve got everything you need sorted the easy way, with Felt.


Frocktober: dressing up your decor

Wednesday, October 21st, 2015


Monochrome origami dress paper garland by Paper Moon | Modern black and white cushion covers by Piper and Fox | Chunky knit merino blanket by Chain Gang

Colour me interesting

Tuesday, August 18th, 2015

Have you caught the colouring bug yet? If you haven’t heard, colouring in is now cool for grown ups – it’s a great way to relax and unwind. We have a nice variety of colouring possibilities available here on Felt: beautiful, kiwi-flavoured, quirky – something for everone. What’s your favourite?






Like we said, something for everyone! :-) Get your colouring in fix on Felt today!

Local wildlife

Thursday, July 16th, 2015

It’s been an unusually cold winter so far, as I’m sure we can all testify. Here in Christchurch we’re regularly getting frosts in the -4C to -6C range – that’s really not the norm for this neck of the suburban “woods”.

So I’ve been keeping an eye on my feathered friends, and I recently decided they could do with a bit of a boost. I hung up a a bird feeder ball couple of days ago, expecting it might take them a while to notice it.

Silly me! Within minutes the local gang of waxeyes fell upon the feast of seeds and fat, and it’s been rare to see it devoid of birds in daylight hours since. I don’t live near any bush so I have a distinctly urban range of feathered visitors, but they’re all good company and I don’t mind sharing the garden (and occasionally a portion of my produce!) with them.


Today there’s the usual crew of tauhou or waxeyes (I like to think they might be the families who hatched in my pittosporum last summer, and learned to fly going from the grapevine to the feijoa), plus a couple of sparrows, five starlings and some gorgeous goldfinches. My resident Mr Blackbird is hanging around too, vigorously (and occasionally spectacularly) guarding his territory from other black feathered interlopers.

My elderly cat, never the best hunter (sorry Mr P!), has decided that dignity is best preserved by pretending he hasn’t seen the cheeky birds at all, as he sits with his back firmly to the mob.

Check out this beautiful image taken by Felt maker NZArt of the waxeyes feeding on their windsticks (below), which do double duty as gorgeous kinetic sculptures and bird feeders. What birds do you see in your garden? Canny urban denizens or sweet-singing bush dwellers?



Art of letterpress

Tuesday, April 7th, 2015


1. printing from a hard raised image under pressure, using viscous ink.


The art of the print is alive and well on Felt, as letterpress artists Into the White, Speedfox Studio, Black Fox Press and Christina Koot Design show with work that is amusing, eye-catching and quirky.


Have a browse of our printmaking and prints pages for a huge variety of stunning prints, produced with a variety of printing techniques.


A white blank page

Monday, March 9th, 2015

How many of us harbour a secret love of stationery? A passion for paper products?


Creative types, travellers, list-makers, diary-keepers and all sorts need a good journal or sketchbook (or both) to record their designs, ideas, plots and schemes – and we’ve found some gorgeously tempting hand bound examples here on Felt of late. Just look at the painstaking work in these hand stitched beauties!




If you love the feel of quality paper under your fingers, the soft creak of stitched binding and the scent of crisp new pages, you’ll love the hand bound books of our talented bookbinders.

Go on, treat yourself or treat a friend to the joy of a beautiful journal.