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Fresh on Felt

Wednesday, July 26th, 2017

lovemaddyxo blog

bygranshand blog

Fresh on Felt: Lots of gorgeous goodies for the kids this week – how about lifting those back to school blues?

children’s clothing, accessories and toys

bygranshand – sweet cuddle blankets, change mats, knitware and dolls
tiny_tim – awesome kids’ clothing, with the option to personalise!
lovemaddyxo – adorable lace crowns for dress-ups

tiny_tim blog

pipsybelle blog

gifts and goodies

pipsybelle – beautiful Swarovski earrings and sweet handmade cards
doyleston – striking crystal beaded spider decorations
coppercatkin – cufflinks and adorable colourable cotton patches for sewing and crafting

coppercatkin blog

Fresh on Felt

Wednesday, July 19th, 2017

firecone blog

smackey blog

Fresh on Felt: amazing braziers, stunning toy farm sets, and some sweet jewellery, art and homewares. Time for a cuppa? Time to shop on Felt!

designer decor, art and homewares

firecone – the ultimate brazier, outdoor oven or barbeque!
smackey – bright and textural art inspired by the colours of the bush and coastline
vintagewraps – eco-friendly bees’ wax food wraps made with locally sourced wax
fem730 – natural cord macramé hangings with a boho-rustic look

children’s clothing, accessories and toys

charlies – absolutely stunning wooden farm sets for kids

charlies blog

bracelet blog

clothing, jewellery and accessories

bracelet – beautiful bracelets of gemstones and natural beads
carocrafts – lovely clutch purses, and snuggly kids’ vests
kiwiknitter – textural knitted accessories and decor items
necklace – gorgeous necklaces of gemstones and natural beads

gifts and goodies

mollyandhawk – practical and good-looking Kenpo belt display racks

fem730 blog

Fresh on Felt

Wednesday, July 12th, 2017

hollyberry blog

tullia blog

neeza blog

Fresh on Felt: lovely goodies for the kids, stylish decor and accessories and some stunning yarn! Time for a cuppa and a browse…

designer decor, art and homewares

oldbag – appealing cushions and cushion covers
alulablu – sweet scented soy candles and one of a kind wall hangings
janshoemark – gorgeous glass art using mosaic and stained glass techniques

children’s clothing, accessories and toys

lilyjames – floral decor for the nursery, and bloomers, bibs, wraps and nappy purses
sweetpeatree – beautiful cotton baby clothes and hats in fantastic prints
woodnrainbow – colourful, made-to-order wooden name puzzles
neeza – adorable felt children’s accessories and bedroom decor
kelstra74 – gorgeous pinafores and for littlies

yarnandcrate blog

alulablu blog


clothing, jewellery and accessories

tullia – stylish, striking resin and polymer clay jewellery
hatsoff – fabulous retro hats and wraps
yarnandcrate – cozy accessories made from quality New Zealand yarn

gifts and goodies

jbacnz – lovely crochet creations and handmade paper flowers
hollyberry – scrumptious indie-dyed gradient and self striping yarns, and patterns too!

janshoemark blog

sweetpeatree blog

Fresh on Felt

Wednesday, July 5th, 2017

agoodyarn 2 blog

whipped blog

Fresh on Felt: It’s a small but exciting selection of fresh new goodies this week – perfect for having a tiny tea-break shopping trip!

agoodyarn – Christchurch knitting classes: learn to knit and arm-knit!
whipped – boutique vegan bath and beauty products for a bit of pampering
smokeygray – Pasties! Gorgeous and glittery nipple covers for a bit of burlesque
irina69nz – snuggly crochet blanket and cushion sets

smokeygrey blog

irina69nz blog

Fresh on Felt

Wednesday, June 28th, 2017

wilding blog

expressionsw blog

Fresh on Felt: we’re serving up a smörgåsbord of snuggly and sweet winter goodies for all ages this week, so grab a comfy chair, relax, and dig in!

designer decor, art and homewares

kowhaiandco – Scandi-styled wooden furniture, toys, and home decor
hellohoopla – sweet art prints made with love for your home. Customisable too!
hatsontop – vibrant, modern lap quilts
critterz – snuggly handmade crochet blankets

children’s clothing, accessories and toys

expressionsw – appealing and robust wooden toys and kids’ decor items
wilding – organic linen rompers for wee ones
puriripieces – adorable hand knitted babywear
earlybuds – gorgeous and gentle muslin wraps, supporting the Early Buds premature babies’ charity

puriripieces blog

kowhaiandco blog

linlin blog

clothing, jewellery and accessories

linlin – toasty warm New Zealand merino gloves
bubbleblue – lampworked beads made into beautiful jewellery
tuesday64 – colourful paintings and felted accessories

gifts and goodies

bonnycrafts – creative yarn crafts and yarn crafting accessories
brookvale – all your fibre needs for felting, spinning and knitting!
commonplacen – luscious scented soy candles

earlybuds blog

Fresh on Felt

Wednesday, June 21st, 2017

mhdesign blog

m-in-the-box blog

mizdaisy blog

Fresh on Felt: sweet dress-ups for the kids, warm accessories for the grown-ups, and gorgeous gift tags and memory boxes. Have a peek…

children’s clothing, accessories and toys

kendallstew – adorable felt crowns for birthdays and dress ups
flower-child – sweet 70s-style nighties and dresses from new or preloved retro fabric

kendallstew blog

flower-child blog

clothing, jewellery and accessories

mizdaisy – snuggly 100% New Zealand wool beanies
amylg – warming hats and scarves for winter. 10% of proceeds go to school supplies for kids in Nigeria and DRC Congo

gifts and goodies

mhdesign – gorgeous designer floral gift tags
m-in-the-box – unique handmade memory boxes and photo albums

amylg blog

Fresh on Felt

Wednesday, June 14th, 2017

palegreysky blog

novemberhouse blog

taketwo blog

Fresh on Felt: awesome accessories and art, fantastic dolls and great gift cards. Put your feet up for a relaxed browse…

designer decor, art and homewares

feedtheducks – colourful and creative digital art

clothing, jewellery and accessories

novemberhouse – stylish wallets, keyrings, clutches and bags
taketwo – sweet and practical clutches
palegreysky – beautiful aprons, bags and accessories made from natural fabrics – don’t miss their great launch discount!

gifts and goodies

qwirkcircus – eye-catching character/fantasy art dolls
kdscards – appealing greeting cards for any occasion

quirkcircus blog

kdscards blog

feedtheducks blog

Fresh on Felt

Wednesday, June 7th, 2017

iamahat blog


justpages blog

Fresh on Felt: some stunning must-have hats, atmospheric art, and gorgeous adornments, stationery and homewares join us on Felt this week – pour yourself a warming cuppa and settle in for a comfortable browse…

designer decor, art and homewares

antheaphoto – stunningly atmospheric photography and photo manipulations
verde – quality linen-backed etched velvet cushions

children’s clothing, accessories and toys

10alemon12 – snuggly beanies for kids
mysweetpea – sweet flowers and buzzy bee decorations, crafted in felt

verde blog

brightnewpenny blog

clothing, jewellery and accessories

brightnewpenny – stylish jewellery and beach kaftans – escape to the tropics!
krdesignz – classic, individually handcrafted jewellery pieces
iamahat – fantastic hats for everyone – go on, show off your personal style!
hncrafts – fashionable chunky cotton-knit infinity scarves

gifts and goodies

justpages – beautifully textural handmade paper products
hollowhouses – gorgeous miniature houses set in perfect wee landscapes – workshops available too!

mysweetpea blog

hollowhouses blog

Fresh on Felt

Wednesday, May 31st, 2017

re-arranged blog

thelilheart1 blog

redbeard blog

Fresh on Felt this week: a creative range of fresh work in metal, resin, wood, glass and textiles. Everything from fidget spinners to… Klaus the scrap metal scorpion!

designer decor, art and homewares

edenolivia – restored and revitalised vintage furniture
cupsycles – stylish cheeseboards made from upcycled rimu and fittings
redbeard – awesome robot characters created from upcycled mechanical parts

children’s clothing, accessories and toys

weebee – sweet vintage-style bonnets for wee ones
ebdolls – cute Waldorf-style baby dolls

maoriart blog

glasswanaka blog

clothing, jewellery and accessories

shaynacnz – elegant one of a kind matched jewellery sets
thelilheart – custom jewellery created from your own (or your child’s) art
maoriart – stunning resin pendants in traditional maori designs

gifts and goodies

re-arranged – handcrafted fidget spinners for fun, focus and therapy
glasswanaka – gorgeous stained glass panels, light catchers and jewellery
joayong – pretty felt flower garlands, mobiles and wall art

weebee blog

Fresh on Felt

Wednesday, May 24th, 2017

westcarver blog

ceduffdesign blog

Fresh on Felt this week: eye-catching art, beautiful accessories, invitations and cards, and more…

designer decor, art and homewares

danielboyle – stunning wall art made from New Zealand tree branch sections
loveshovel – original acrylic and charcoal artwork

children’s clothing, accessories and toys

kcc – creative, kid-friendly fingerprint letter kits
myinklings – sweet printable party invitations

danielboyle blog

loveshovel blog

clothing, jewellery and accessories

westcarver – beautiful hair adornments, carved from recycled timber
ceduffdesign – vintage style jewellery and rosaries inspired by a love of the 1920s

gifts and goodies

shazza84 – handmade cards to treasure