If your enquiry is about a specific product on Felt, please contact the seller directly through Felt's messaging system

How to contact a seller on Felt

Products on Felt are listed by individual sellers. If you have an enquiry about a specific product, send a message to the seller directly by logging in to Felt and clicking the contact link in the left hand column of their shop or item listing.

Please note that it is against Felt's terms and conditions to use the messaging feature to exchange contact details (including email addresses, unless the transaction requires sending an electronic file) or conduct a transaction that bypasses Felt's checkout, including custom and wholesale orders.

General enquiries & support

Products on Felt are listed by individual sellers. If you have an enquiry about a specific product, contact the maker directly using the contact link in their Felt shop.

Check the Felt help section for answers to frequently asked questions.

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For general Felt enquiries and Felt support, use the form below. We welcome your feedback and will do our best to help with any queries you may have. Submit your enquiry here: