Felt is a New Zealand-based online marketplace for handmade goods, designed to enable artists, designers and craftspeople to promote their work and connect with buyers.

Lucy Arnold - owner/operator & designer

I'm interested in the philosophy of handmade enterprises and the cottage industry (the environmental aspect, lifestyle aspect and sociological effects) and the integrity of making a living from producing handmade goods on a small scale. From these interests grew a desire to promote handmade as a consumer's choice and enable artists, craftspeople and designers to develop their craft into a viable enterprise.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Design in Visual Communications from Christchurch Polytechnic in 2001 and co-own a graphic design business, Board of Design.

I live in Christchurch and am lucky enough to share my home with my little rabbit, Punky, and two very tolerant flatmates who are frequently surrounded by crafting chaos, subjected to excited tours of the latest listings on Felt and even recruited to help me promote Felt on various occasions.

Why the name Felt?

I chose Felt because it captured several different aspects of the idea of making something by hand. First there's the obvious craft connection to the material felt and the process of felting. There's the physical aspect - the element of touch involved in making something by hand and the tactile nature of the finished product. And then there's the emotional implication - the feeling that the artist puts into the creative process, the emotional response that their creation evokes in the viewer and the emotional/intellectual connection between like-minded people.

And in the end, it just felt right.