About Felt

Felt is New Zealand’s online market for locally made goods and gifts – your one stop shop for high quality, original items made in Aotearoa. Felt is proudly owned and operated by Kiwi makers who know that buying local goods is better for everyone (and saves dosh in the long run!). We believe that craftsmanship and sustainable consumption could save the world, and we’re here to help that happen.

How it works

  1. Talented people all over NZ (thousands of them!) make goods and gifts and list them for sale on Felt
  2. Thoughtful and discerning shoppers (*cough* you) buy online direct from the maker through Felt
  3. Everyone wins and the world becomes a little bit better!

The Felt platform supports people to showcase and sell their wares for a fair price, and everything that you see on Felt has been listed by the person (or people) who made it. You buy directly from them, through Felt.

Business for good

We are a social enterprise, which means that we trade just like a regular business, but we do it to try and make the world a better place.

Our main areas of impact are:

Get in touch if you’d like to know more about this!

Why shop local?

Every dollar spent with a local business goes around 2.6 times further than the same dollar spent in big stores*. This is MASSIVE in terms of doing good things for communities and the NZ economy. Felt also encourages all makers to use ethical and sustainable materials in their goods, and actively promotes super high-quality and ethical goods.
* https://ilsr.org/key-studies-why-local-matters/#3

How did Felt start?

Felt was founded in 2007 by Lucy Arnold, after successfully selling handmade merino armwarmers online as a hobby. Lucy is a graphic designer by profession with a passion for cottage industry and creative thinking.