Set yourself up for summer

Soon the visitor traffic to Felt will follow the forecast plummet that happens for a short time after Christmas every year. That makes it a great time to a) have a break and relax, and, b) do a wee bit of basic admin to set yourself up for an easy start to next year.

What to do before disappearing for summer:

  • If you are taking a break away from internet connections or your shop is empty, put your shop on Holiday Mode. Be sure to include the date you will be back in the holiday message!
  • Do a quick audit of your shop. Look at your Shop Details and Public Profile (the ‘About’ page on your shop)  and make any changes so that they feel relevant.
  • Update any listings or relist any remaining stock while you’re still in the groove. All of your listings pause when you’re on Holiday Mode so you don’t lose any ‘live’ time!

What to do on your summer break:

  • Look back at the year and take stock of what has worked and what hasn’t. How would you like to express your creativity next year? What does success look like? And what does outrageously wild success look like? Have a read through Felt Tips to consider things you might do differently.
  • Feed your creative soul and recharge. Do what you need to do to feel more like yourself.

In the New Year:

  • Sales continue right throughout the early New Year, so if you have stock left then you should get your shop off holiday mode as soon as possible. Our promotional work will still continue to bounce along through the summer, and the first big milestone of the year is Valentine’s day.
  • Lucy has already started selecting items for the Valentine’s Day Gift Guide, but will hit the go button fully in early-January. If you have items that can be swung into a gift-for-a-loved-one, then make some listings that make that obvious for potential buyers. Consider how you might be able to make variations on products by using different materials or colours.
  • Mother’s Day follows on after Valentine’s, so selecting items for that gift guide will happen through January and February. Again, consider how you can make the most of this with your listings!

Other ideas, challenges, or suggestions? Drop me a line:

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