Our secret superpower

We don’t tell everyone about this, but the time is right to share it with you. Use this information wisely – we all know that with great power comes great responsibility.

As a Felt seller, you’re part of an awesome community of makers, artists, designers, and craftspeople. Together we are one of the largest collectives of makers and creatives in New Zealand – when we’re all pulling together and sharing the same message, that’s a powerful voice.

We’ve got volume, so let’s use it! Collective promotion can have way more impact than each of us going it alone. Read on for a bunch of easy ways you can make some noise, online and off  – every little bit helps make us louder!

1. Shareables

Grab some gorgeous Christmas Gift Guide graphics to make your own social media posts. This year’s design by the talented Donna Robertson is super cute and captures a Kiwi Christmas perfectly – get it out there! Find them here »

2. Instagram stickers

Add some Christmas Gift Guide bling to your stories! We’ve just released special Christmas Gift Guide stickers featuring the pīwakawaka and the kakī – you can find them when adding a sticker to your story by searching #feltnz.

3. Like and share

This couldn’t be easier. When you see posts or stories from Felt or other Felt sellers, throw them a like and a comment – it takes two seconds, and gives a boost that means that message travels further and reaches new people.

4. Post in Good Kiwi Craftsmanship

At this time of year you know people want to see great gift ideas – post your Felt shop or listing in the Good Kiwi Craftsmanship Facebook group for free promotion. Check out the guidelines in the group, then submit your post – it’s easy, costs nothing, and you can do it every week if you want to!

5. Go for a walk

This is a great way to get some fresh air and exercise, say hi to the neighbours, and help spread the word – it’s marketing old-school! Put your hand up for some Felt flyers and rack up some steps with a letterbox drop around the neighbourhood. Fill out the form here and we’ll send you flyers and heartfelt appreciation from the Felt community.

6. Go shopping

The way you spend your money is just as important as the way you earn it. If you’re promoting handmade and local, walk the walk! Make Felt your first port of call when you’re looking for something beautiful – as a seller you know how much those purchases mean to the makers, and as a shopper, you know there’s loads of things on Felt you love! 

7. Talk it up

Nothing is better promotion than personal endorsement – share your experience of shopping on Felt with friends, post a picture of your purchase on social media, remember to leave feedback for the seller on Felt, and give them a shout-out through your networks.

8. Make some noise!

Visitors to Felt often end up purchasing from more than one seller, so promoting your own Felt shop not only increases your own sales and profile, but pays it forward to other makers in the community. 

The more noise we make together, the better for everyone on Felt, including you!

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