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Promotion tip #1: Use your Felt shop address

Felt exists to help each of us make the most of all of our promotions. We all benefit from any traffic to each other’s Felt shops, so tying our individual promotional work back to our Felt shops gives each of us a much better chance of success that any of us going it alone. This blog post gives an overview how you can make the most of your Felt shop address, as part of our Ten tips to promote your Felt shop series.

Felt is on show at Handmade 2014

Maker: An exhibition of work handmade in New Zealand by sixteen artisan makers from Felt, Saturday 31 May and Sunday 1 June at The Handmade Hub, TSB Arena, Wellington

If you’re in Wellington this weekend, don’t miss the Felt exhibition at Handmade 2014. Open to the public and featuring fifty pieces from Felt makers, this is a great chance to see gorgeous Felt goodies up close and learn about their talented creators