Gifts for the gardener in your life

Got a green-thumbed gardener in your life? Want to give them a gift that will make them clap their little garden-gloved hands in delight? You won’t find a better place to hunt for garden-inspired goodies than the Gifts for Gardeners section of the Felt Christmas Gift Guide.

This monarch butterfly from Ironweed is a great artistic take on the classic Kiwi 1970s butterfly on the wall of your house.

No gardener would turn down these luxurious bath salts from Honey and Spice – who doesn’t want a nice hot soak after a hard day’s gardening?

There’s so much more you can choose in the way of gifts for your gardener than a trowel or a fork, and our clever creators at Felt are constantly delighting us with what they come up with.

galleryThere are at least a couple of gardening enthusiasts in the Felt team, and we can neither confirm nor deny that one Felt administrator might possibly have left the Gifts for Gardeners page open on the household computer as a subtle hint…

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