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Plant now for spring

Thursday, June 15th, 2017

If you love a spring feast of broad beans, now’s the time to get planting – and Big Bunny has a colourful new treat for bean fans!

Red Hughy broad beans have stunning scarlet flowers instead of the more usual white – a gorgeous splash of colour in the spring vege bed, and just as productive as more traditional varieties.

Why not interplant them with white-flowering Coles Dwarf for a candy-striped effect? :-)

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Get your Red Hughys from Big Bunny now »


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We’re tending some great gifts for gardeners…

Saturday, November 12th, 2016

Got a gardener on your Christmas shopping list? We’ve picked you a bunch of Kiwi made garden-inspired goodies to appeal to those with green fingers.

Check out our curated collection of gifts for gardeners in the Felt Christmas Gift Guide today!

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Peruse the Felt Christmas Gift Guide »

Check out the Felt Christmas Catalogue on Issuu »


Something for everyone this Christmas

Monday, December 14th, 2015

Our Christmas Gift Guide and Catalogue are brimming with good ideas, and there’s still time to order! We’ve got Gifts for Guys


Gifts for Makers and Crafters


Gifts for Gardeners


…and some fabulous stocking fillers for the little ones.


We have lots of other categories to browse, so put your feet up and do your Christmas shopping the relaxing way!


Five ways to gratify a gardener this Christmas

Wednesday, December 10th, 2014

Got a gardener on your Christmas shopping list? We’ve picked you our top-five bunch of garden-inspired goodies to appeal to green fingered friends and whanau.


1. An arty garden

Bring the handmade goodness outdoors! We have something to suit every gardener in our range of garden art and ornaments.


2. The seed of a good idea

Seeds, seed saver envelopes and plant markers all make great little gifts to hang on the tree or stuff in a stocking…


3. Bring the garden inside

A bit of plant life inside is good for body and soul. How about one of these stylish hanging planters? Or perhaps you could adorn the walls with some beautiful botanical art



4. How about garden-inspired jewellery?

Every garden goddess can do with a bit of bling after a day of carting compost or digging spuds. Make them feel glam again with a beautiful piece of jewellery, inspired by things green and growing.

5. …and make sure they get some pampering too.

Al the end of the day every gardener needs to look after their skin and rest their bones. We have just the thing…



Whatever species of gardener you know and love, you’ll find something to delight them on our Gifts for Gardeners page – it’s a hotbed of inspiring goodies! There’s lots more to choose from in our Christmas Gift Guide for other loved ones too, so have a browse – and don’t forget to check out our Christmas Catalogue on Issuu too!


Gifts to gratify green fingers

Saturday, November 23rd, 2013

Got a gardener on your gift list? With the Felt Christmas Gift Guide you can make finding their perfect gift a breeze. Just take a look at all the beautiful garden-inspired goodies in our lush and leafy Gifts for Gardeners section.

Make sure you have a good dig through the Gifts for Gardeners section to see everything we’ve got to delight your favourite green-fingered friend or family member.

Gifts for the gardener in your life

Thursday, November 15th, 2012

Got a green-thumbed gardener in your life? Want to give them a gift that will make them clap their little garden-gloved hands in delight? You won’t find a better place to hunt for garden-inspired goodies than the Gifts for Gardeners section of the Felt Christmas Gift Guide.

This monarch butterfly from Ironweed is a great artistic take on the classic Kiwi 1970s butterfly on the wall of your house.

No gardener would turn down these luxurious bath salts from Honey and Spice – who doesn’t want a nice hot soak after a hard day’s gardening?

There’s so much more you can choose in the way of gifts for your gardener than a trowel or a fork, and our clever creators at Felt are constantly delighting us with what they come up with.

galleryThere are at least a couple of gardening enthusiasts in the Felt team, and we can neither confirm nor deny that one Felt administrator might possibly have left the Gifts for Gardeners page open on the household computer as a subtle hint…