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Promoting yourself as part of the Felt community can have way more impact than each of us going it alone. Visitors to Felt often end up purchasing from more than one seller, so promoting your Felt shop not only increases your own sales and profile, but pays it forward to other makers in the community. Everybody wins!

This is a lot more important than a lot of sellers realise – think for a moment about the experience of buyers. You go to a place and see a thing that you love, maybe something that would be perfect for that person you care about…but you don’t have time to stop right now, or you can’t justify buying it here and now for some reason. Six months later you’re scratching your head saying “Where was I?? What were they called? I know it had that one specific thing…”.

We know from our experiences promoting Felt at markets and other events that Find Me on Felt cards and stickers are really effective at getting that message stuck in people’s minds. We want people like these to be able to find you – and being part of Felt makes these exact situations much easier. BUT, it only works if your prospective customers know that they can find you on Felt!

So, here are some resources that you can use to do just that:

Find me on Felt card

Find me on Felt sticker

Find me on Felt table card

These items can be used in a number of different ways.

The table card is designed for markets so you can stand it up, hang it on something, pin/peg it to things, or staple it to your table. Just fill in your Felt shop name on the dotted line! We often see market goers take photos of these to look vendors up later.

You might use stickers to:

  • Add to a name tag at markets (or wear one on its own) – it’s a great way to start a conversation
  • Add to the packaging for posted items
  • Stick on items on display (or their label or swing tag)
  • Stick on posters, business cards, flyers, or other printed marketing material
  • Include in photos to share on social media

Our business cards can be customised with your Felt shop address (e.g. which takes customers straight to your Felt shop. We can print these and post them to you, or send you the digital file to print them yourself. These are useful in a bunch of scenarios:

  • Displayed on your stall at a market
  • Handed out at social occasions when people hear that you’re a creative and want to see your work
  • Left with items on display in cafés/galleries/shops
  • Popped in with items you post to buyers, asking for them to tell friends about the item they bought

What else would be helpful for you to promote your Felt shop? How can we make that easier for you? Drop us a line with any ideas or suggestions.

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