Featured seller: Evelyn Rose Design

Sarita Muir’s love of animals is very apparent in her creations and in her day-to-day life, as she divides her time between design for her label Evelyn Rose Design and rescuing unwanted rabbits and guinea pigs. Sarita finds it an exciting time to be a designer-maker, saying “The digital printing age has really embraced small businesses, creating new opportunities to print small runs of fabric.”

A little fall of rain

The poem might say “Rain, rain, go away,” but here in Christchurch it was rather nice to hear the gentle patter of an overnight fall last night. This morning the gardens have been washed and refreshed, showered free of dust and quenched of their late summer thirst.

Brilliant blankets

The wool blanket. Stalwart bedding of older generations, often relegated to the airing cupboard in favour of duvets and quilts these days. But not for much longer! Ingenious makers are discovering a hundred and one fantastic ways to repurpose the high quality fabric of the humble wool blanket and give it new, stylish and practical life.

You’re my (super) hero

Got a favourite superhero? So have some of our clever makers, it seems. Whether your heart’s been stolen by a dark avenger or a caped crusader, there’s a crafty way to show your allegiance on Felt.

Colour me modern

Much like the mid-century modern architectural and design movement, a core note of contemporary design is simplicity, functionality and clean lines. Decoration is sparing and striking, while colour can be bold or limited to the barest accents.