Make a Graphic Studio Mug with Emma Turner

Create a Graphic Studio Mug with Christchurch ceramic artist Emma Turner, as part of Share a Cuppa, a community event celebrating the ritual of a good cup of tea. Ka rawe!

Emma is currently finishing her diploma in ceramics. She works with colour and decoration to create narrative works, telling stories inspired by her everyday surroundings, and sells a selection of her work in her Felt shop, Emma Turner Ceramics.

Make a Landscape Cup with Jane McCulla

Canterbury potter Jane McCulla shares making a landscape mug with local sand inclusions, as part of Share a Cuppa, a community event celebrating the ritual of a good cup of tea.

Jane makes textured, stretched, stoneware clay vessels and forms, creating fluid textures on dry glazed, stoneware pieces to suggest geology, archaeology, and mankind’s marks on the landscape, fluxed over time. Her Felt shop, Clay Creation, features a selection from her Harbour Rim collection.

Let’s Have a Cuppa!

Kia ora tea drinkers! Conceived in a time of crisis to celebrate and support New Zealand potters, Let’s Have a Cuppa is a nationwide, lockdown-endorsed event for makers to get together, in the COVID-19 sense of the word. Anyone can take part – it’s your chance to share in creativity and togetherness online through inspiring videos, tutorials, conversations, and of course, through the soothing act of drinking tea out of a thoughtfully handmade cup.

Lest we forget: A poppy for ANZAC Day

With the current lockdown measures in New Zealand, this ANZAC Day many of us won’t be wearing the traditional poppies sold to raise funds for the RSA.

Inspired to find another way of raising funds and commemorating ANZAC Day, Christchurch ceramic artist and World of Wearable Art Supreme Award winner Tatyanna Meharry has decided to recreate the many ceramic poppies that featured in her WOW award-winning piece, with all profits going to the RSA.