Make a Graphic Studio Mug with Emma Turner

Share a Cuppa: Graphic Studio Mug with Emma Turner

Graphic Studio Mug Kit Set from General Pottery

Create a Graphic Studio Mug with Christchurch ceramic artist Emma Turner, as part of Share a Cuppa, a community event celebrating the ritual of a good cup of tea. Ka rawe!

Conceived during the Covid-19 Level 4 lockdown and created in partnership with the Ceramics Association of New Zealand and Creative New Zealand, Share a Cuppa offers the opportunity to get creative and get involved with a series of make-along tutorials for home potters, and the commission of 40 studio potters around Aotearoa to make four tea cups, which were packaged as artisan tea gift sets and gifted to Covid-19 heroes.

Emma Turner is a ceramic artist based in Christchurch. She works with colour and decoration to create narrative works, telling stories inspired by her everyday surroundings. Emma is currently finishing her diploma in ceramics, and sells a selection of her pieces in her Felt shop, Emma Turner Ceramics.

The kitset to make a Graphic Studio Mug with Emma is available from General Pottery, and you can follow the video tutorial below or on Vimeo.


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Share a Cuppa, August–September 2020

Share a Cuppa, August–September 2020

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