Giraffes for fun and fundraising

Here at Felt HQ in Christchurch we’re in love with the colourful giraffes that have taken over our city. (Yes, you heard right and we haven’t overdosed on leftover Christmas pudding – Christchurch has been invaded by giraffes!)

High Street 2

Christchurch Stands Tall is an art project and fundraiser which has seen a colourful herd of hand painted giraffes distributed all around the place. Artists have donated their time to paint or decorate fibreglass giraffes, and these are roaming the streets until 24 January. After this they will be sold in a fundraising auction to raise money for local charities and turn the city’s Summer of Fun into a helping hand for those who are in need. Schools also had the chance to pain their own herd of baby giraffes, which are distributed around indoor locations in Christchurch.

Locals young and old are enjoying following the trail map on a “giraffe hunt” to find all the gorgeous beasties, from abstract designs to a Batman-themed one in New Brighton and even the classic “Longest Drink in Town” giraffe in Tai Tapu.

So inspired were we by the ubiquitous ungulates that we decided we had to have our own giraffe hunt on Felt – turns out there are vast savannahs of them here! Here are a few of our favourite Felt giraffes…




If you’re in town catch the Christchurch giraffes quick before they disappear – there’s only a week left to see them all! A trail map can be downloaded from the Christchurch Stands Tall website.


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