Gifts with Quirk Factor

There’s always someone on your list who’s impossible to find a gift for, so we’ve compiled
a list of cute and quirky gifts to help you find something a little different.

From left to right, top to bottom: 1 Arsenic Hemlock Bowls by Trixie Delicious
2 Tart Choker by Ngaiorue| 3 Red is the Ultimate Cure for Sadness Journal
by Honey Design
| 4 Viech – Cutie with Claws by Minu | 5 Vintage Green Lotus
Brooch by ZippityDooDah
| 6 Goldfish Pendant by WendyJ | 7 Secret Book
by Ryder Junction
| 8 M&M Charm Bracelet by Manateeny | 9 Eye Spy Domino
Pendant by Art Divine

Check out Gifts with Quirk Factor for the full selection or visit the Felt Christmas
Gift Guide
for heaps of other handmade gift ideas!

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