Crafty Business #7, 7pm Monday 7 Sept, Chch


Crafty Business #7: The Optimal Optical, starts at 7pm on Monday 7 September at Churchills Public House in Sydenham, Christchurch. Come along for a drink and your monthly fix of business inspiration!

This month our session is a less formal, more interactive get-together. We’ll be looking at photography and how to get the most from your camera and all your awesome handmade products. Everyone will have the opportunity to participate and in order to get all you can out of the session we want you to do just a little bit of homework – nothing too painful we promise!

We’d like you to each come up with one thing that you’d like to improve about your photographs. Perhaps you’d like some advice on how to use props with your work. Do you wish you could crop your images using free photo editing software? Just can’t figure out how to capture a shiny surface without glare? Expert photographers will be available to answer all your questions and to help you in small hands-on groups.

As well as your thoughtful questions make sure you bring along some of your handmade product, any props you think you might like to use, your laptop if you have one and of course your camera.

For those who haven’t been along before, Crafty Business is a chance for Christchurch crafters to get together and exchange ideas, make new contacts, collaborate and socialise with like-minded people. Whether your craft is your career or you’re exploring the possibilities of turning your hobby into a business, or if you’re just curious about the business of craft, you are welcome to come along and bring a friend.

Crafty Business meets at 7pm on the first Monday of every month. Visit the Crafty Business blog for the latest –