Craft2.0 Workshops, Sunday 7 June, Christchurch


Book yourself in for a creative workshop with Craft2.0 at the Arts Centre in Christchurch on Sunday 7 June. Here’s your chance to create something special with the guided instructions of Craft2.0’s talented tutors.

Introductory class in electronic crafting: lose the fear! Learn how to incorporate electronics into your craft, 2pm – 4pm, Our City O-Tautahi

With a basic knowledge of electronics you can add a whole new dimension to your craft projects, but where do you start? And how do you avoid electrocution??

In this simple electronics workshop, Philip shows you how to build a basic circuit and incorporate light into your craft projects, without getting zapped! You’ll learn how to choose components for your project (different options for switches, lights and other elements) and how to put them together. By the end of the workshop you’ll have a finished project and the following skills:

• creating a basic electronic circuit
• choosing components for your project
• basic soldering

Introductory class in crochet: discover why it’s so easy to get hooked on crochet with Amy of the Loop Knittery, 10am – 12pm, the Arts Centre

Organiser of the Christchurch Worldwide Knit in Public Day, Amy can knit with her eyes closed and crochet like a demon. She’ll show you how to get started on a simple crochet project. By the end of the class you’ll have learnt how to read a basic pattern and select the correct yarn and hook to suit. You’ll leave with a small finished project, your very own crochet hook, yarn and the following skills:

• 3 basic crochet stitches
• gauge: choosing the right yarn and hook
• crochet terminology and reading a simple pattern

Introductory class in book craft: create a gorgeous Oriental-style soft cover book with Jan or Wyrcan, 2pm – 4pm, the Arts Centre

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Jan teaches a traditional Asian bookbinding technique using handmade paper and fabric in this workshop. You can choose your materials from a selection of beautiful screenprinted washi paper and pure cotton fabric. Make a special notebook as a gift or a treat for yourself. By the end of the workshop you will have created at least one A5 sized notebook, and learnt the following skills:

• basic use of bookbinding tools: cobbler’s knife, tapestry needle
• stitching as a bookbinding method
• adhering fabric and handmade paper

Introductory class in making plushies: design and create a creature with David of ProjectSpace, 10am – 12pm, Our City O-Tautahi

Using Stuffed software you’ll design the outline of your creature. The programme generates a sewing pattern which you then print out, transfer onto fabric and sew together to create a small plushie. You can choose from a selection of fabrics supplied, and decorate your creature with buttons and other haberdashery. After two hours, you’ll be the proud owner of a custom designed soft toy and you’ll have learnt the following skills:

• computer-aided plushie design
• threading a needle and stitching
• embellishing and stuffing

Information on the workshops is available at or email

Numbers for each workshop are strictly limited, so get in fast. Each workshop is $60 per person. Absolutely no skills are required and all materials and tools are provided. You’ll leave each workshop with your crafty creation.

So what are you waiting for? Register now for your introduction to a new craft!

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