The ultimate combination: sculpture, painting, physics, chemistry, and poetry

Sylvia Sinel of StudioSinel Ltd says she has found her affinity in the forever fascinating world of clay and glazing. Exchanging a busy career life in Stockholm for a chance to follow her dreams of creativity and being close to nature here in New Zealand, she has recently taken the exciting step of becoming a full-time maker. She says “Ceramic art is the ultimate combination of all I cherish: sculpture, painting, physics, chemistry, poetry.”

Costume, character and crafts(wo)manship: the leatherwork of Kay Buchanan

Costume, character and crafts(wo)manship: the leatherwork of Kay Buchanan
Kay Buchanan of Leather Creations has always had a passion for the arts – be it music, craft, painting, drawing, photography, theatre, costuming or film. Add to this a deep commitment to the ethics of her work and the inspiration of living in Aotearoa, and the result is her truly beautiful, fantastical range of leather and textile clothing and accessories.

Featured seller: Karkt

Helen of KARKT Recycled Bags describes her family as nomadic and simple-living. Having spent almost two decades backpacking around the world, she says they know they don’t need much to live with, materially and financially. KARKT Recycled Bags aligns with their values: re-using, recycling and fixing as much as they can. They’ve come a long way from the day they first called a trucking company to ask if they had any unwanted truck tarps, only to be told they’re actually called ‘truck curtains’!

Featured seller: Rosewood Wool

Yarn dyers and mamas Vicky and Nicola of Rosewood Wool have been friends for quite a long time. “We met when our eldest sons were toddlers, but our friendship is bound together with handcraft. We live and breathe it [though] one of us works full time and the other home-schools – we have six children between us and we plan family camping trips together with the intention of sitting and knitting for days.”

On the calendar: E Nga Uri Whakatupu

E Nga Uri Whakatapu: Weaving Legacies of Dame Rangimarie Hetet and Diggeress Te Kanawa, Daily 10am–4.30pm until 28 July 2015, Hamilton

An extraordinary and beautiful collection of traditional Māori kākahu and weaving from five generations of one family is now a major exhibition in Hamilton. The remarkable women featured in this exhibition are acknowledged as New Zealand’s finest traditional Māori weavers.

Featured seller: Trees Set Free

Woodworker Peter Kenney was born and bred in Hamilton. He lived in seaside Raglan for eighteen years, during which time he took up woodturning. His Felt shop, Trees Set Free, is inspired by the idea of releasing the beauty hidden beneath the bark – the colours of the timber and patterns in the grain – and crafting it into lasting items to be used and enjoyed…

Featured Seller: Jill Matthew

It was a life changing event that led Cambridge glass artist Jill Matthew to make a full time job of her craft. Two years down the track, Jill’s passion for glass fusing and intrepid approach to her work keep her coming up with fresh ideas and adding new designs to her colourful collection. Read on to learn more about Jill and how you can win a set of her fabulous Black and White Waffle Coasters.