Jewellery for a special day

Talented Christchurch jewellery makers Born to be Boho have launched a lovely new range of beaded BoHo bracelets, hand threaded with a combination of semi precious stones, crystals and glass. Check out this gorgeous example, combining an eye-catching mix of frosted and highly polished beads. They’re perfect for layering or showing off on their own, and we think they’d make a stunning addition to a bridal outfit.

Shapes of nature: drawing natural forms into stunning silverwork

Suzie Horne of Curlicue NZ produces her wirework jewellery from beautiful Titirangi, West Auckland. When making her jewellery she takes inspiration from the natural environment around her, and places importance on selecting materials on the basis of how local and sustainable they are. Utilising 100% recycled sterling silver wires, semi precious stones, pearls, paua and Swarovski crystals, her pieces often feature the spirals and curlicues that fascinate her.

Shiny things: the intricate creations of Magpie Castle

Austrian born Jinx from Magpie Castle decided to move halfway across the world to New Zealand after finishing school. She’d never been on a plane before, but being adventurous and a bit naïve at the time she thought it’d be a good idea. Her mum’s reaction was: “New Zealand? Do they even have roads there?” But mum always told her to “Live your dreams” as well so that’s exactly what she did, and it all turned out fine on the other side of the world.