The Journey

“Oftentimes I will simply work with an idea and let the creativity come to me as I make the piece. For me this part of what I do isn’t work. This is absolute joy! I love being in the studio working on new pieces.” One of the things we love about the jewellery of Sonia Thérèse is the stories she tells. This beautiful, simple, wide-band unisex ring is part of her series “The Journey” – inspired by that road that everyone travels in life on their way to their chosen destination.

Every made object carries a story: the sculptural narratives of Nick Duval-Smith

Motueka-based sculptor Nicholas Duval-Smith makes eye-catching bronze sculptures from Oamaru stone originals. He has also recently returned working with ceramics, producing a range of unique, personality-filled porcelain portrait brooches. Nick says he like clean lines, textural contrasts, and art that can be played with – and reckons that jewellery, like sculpture, can carry narrative content, through symbols and pictures.

Kahurangi style – the creative and sustainable jewellery of a Mohua maker

Jewellery maker Anna Quartly of Pigeon Thomas says that the inspiration for her work comes from living off-grid and self sufficiently. With the beautiful natural vista of Kahurangi National Park visible from her Golden Bay/Mohua home, she finds she is able to stay focused on what is important. She loves to create pieces that are special – one of a kind – working with natural materials that are simple, pure, and renewable.