Featured Seller: Hemi Homewares

James Anderson of Hemi Homewares makes beautiful upcycled wooden homewares with the philosophy of helping people with no home. With a strongly held belief in everyone’s right to food, shelter and warmth, James donates 5% of the purchase price of all his products to the Auckland City Mission.

Devonport Craft Market – now with bonus food!

Devonport Craft and Fine Food Market, 10am–2pm, Sunday 12 April, Auckland

The market formerly known as The Devonport Craft Market has had a name change, and it’s one which is sure to please. It’s now (drumroll please) The Devonport Craft and Fine Food Market – who could find fault with that? They’ve still got all your favourite local makers, but now you can be sure you won’t starve while you roam the stalls…