Shop Checklist

Here’s a handy little checklist to help you out when starting your Felt shop. Ensure your brand new shop is looking its best for potential buyers by checking you’ve done the following:

1. Add a shop name

Your shop name appears with your profile picture and shop address. By default it’s your username. Customise it  here »

2. Add a profile picture

Your profile picture displays in your shop alongside your shop name and address. Add a picture or logo here »

3. Fill in ‘about the maker’

Add detail about yourself and what you make, by filling in your ‘about the maker’ page. Visitors to your shop can navigate to this from your shop and listings to find out a little more about you. Edit it in your profile here »

4. Add a shop header

Your shop header is a short, introductory paragraph which appears above your listings. You’ll also see that you can add a quote, or any shop news you want to share with visitors, too. Add these shop details here»

5. No contact details

Point 2.4 Listing requirements of Felt’s Terms of Use  prohibit including any contact details (eg. phone number, email address) in your profile, shop details, or listings. Links and mentions of other platforms aren’t allowed either, but you’re are free to add any social media handles or links to social media accounts.

6. Add some listings

Once you’ve got your shop looking its best, it’s time to work on your listings! A well stocked shop looks great and is more enticing to potential shoppers. Check out our Listing Checklist for tips »

7. Use your Felt shop address

Every Felt shop gets its own unique shop address, which is ‘’. Add your Felt shop address to your social media profiles, business cards, and promotional materials to direct customers to your new Felt shop. Read more about promoting your shop here »

If you have any questions please contact us.