Listing Checklist

A great listing portrays the value of your item to potential buyers, why it’s desirable and worthy of purchase. Visitors to your shop aren’t able to see and hold your items physically like they could in a retail store, so it’s super important to photograph and describe them well in your listings. Here are a few tips to ensure your listings are ship shape:

1. Take great photos

You can add up to four photos per listing. They should be well lit, in focus, and display your product from multiple different angles. Images you upload to Felt must be in JPEG (.jpg) or PNG (.png) format and must be at least 840 pixels wide and 420 pixels high. Read more about photos here »

2. Specify dimensions or size

Felt buyers can’t see or hold your items in person, so it’s very important to include details about the physical properties, such as dimensions, weight, and materials. Your descriptions must include measurements to show them how big (or small) they are. Read more tips about writing a great listing here »

3. Fair price

Ensure you’re offering customers a fair price on your items, covering your costs and making a profit, too. Read more about pricing your work here »

4. Update quantity

Update the quantity on your listing to include how many of an item you have available (if it’s more than one). If your item is made to order, communicate this in your listing description and update the quantity to reflect how many items you are able to make, and have the materials for.

5. Add correct shipping information

Add the shipping methods you offer (for NZ and overseas), and how much you charge for them. You can also offer free standard shipping within NZ. Find out more about shipping options on Felt here »

6. Add only one item per listing

A listing is for showcasing one item. We ask that you avoid listing multiple items under one listing, and instead create a separate listing for each item. Exceptions are if the listing is for a set of items, or your multiples are identical (in which case, update the quantity to reflect this).

7. No contact details

Point 2.4 Listing requirements of Felt’s Terms of Use prohibit including any contact details (eg. phone number, email address) in your profile, shop details, or listings. Links and mentions of other platforms aren’t allowed either, but you’re are free to add any social media handles or links to social media accounts.

Once your listings are looking their best, make sure your Felt shop is too, with our Shop Checklist.


If you have any questions please contact us.