How can I promote my shop?

Felt provides a marketplace platform for you to market and sell your products directly online. We encourage sellers to market their shop using their Felt shop address (

You can link to your shop from your blog, Facebook page, Pinterest boards, Twitter account or other social media pages, display your shop address on your market stall and print it on your business cards. Most of Felt’s successful sellers do a lot of promotion themselves – real-world promotion is key to achieving good online sales.

Felt promotional material

We’ve done some of the legwork for you with our own range of convenient and great looking Felt promotional material. Check out the range and order yours here.

Print and online advertising

Felt facilitates various advertising opportunities throughout the year for our sellers, in print and online media. These opportunities are advertised via our sellers’ newsletter, Felt Tips, and in the Facebook group Felt Sellers. You can purchase a spot in these advertisements and feature an image of one of your products and your shop name. We are always reviewing publications to advertise in, so advertising opportunities are always coming up.

Tips for being noticed on Felt

A great image – good photography is very important. Beautiful photos are more likely to entice a buyer to click through to your listing, and they’re also more likely to be picked for showcases, gift guides and editorials, both on Felt and beyond. When we select listings to use in features, we base it on the quality of the items and photographs, and how well they fit the theme we have in mind. However please bear in mind as we have over 2000 sellers on the site, we aren’t able to regularly promote everyone, though we do our best to be fair. Find more tips on taking great photos here.

Keep it fresh – adding new listings to your shop on a regular basis keeps your shop looking active and your listings higher in the browse pages on Felt. Your listing title, description and keywords are all used by Felt’s search function to find relevant results. When you write a listing, think about what your customer might search for, and make sure the most important words are in all three fields.

Tell us about it! We love to hear what you’re up to! Events, exhibitions, exciting milestones – if you’ve got news for us, we want to hear it …and it might just make it onto the front page. Connect with Felt on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest so we can add you to our networks.

Network with other sellers – if you are on Facebook you might like to request to join our Felt Sellers group (just search “Felt Sellers” on Facebook). This is a private community where sellers on Felt can share tips and advice, and they’re a very friendly bunch. You need to have active listings in your shop before your request to join will be approved.

If you have any questions about promoting your shop, please contact us.