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Comment after andrealukac bought #137331 from kazzalblue

Great car caddy - perfect for christmas

Comment after runningpukeko bought #77790 from kazzalblue

Absolutely delightful pirate finger puppets - a real hit with the little one!

Comment after bond007 bought #98760 from kazzalblue

Lovely, thankyou!

Comment after momomo bought #98353 from kazzalblue

Thanks. Lovely boots

Comment after sachahalpin bought #56817 from kazzalblue

This is the second time i have purchased these boots. I couldnt find anything as good so i e-mailed to see if toddler boots could be made & i was so happy to find out that yes they could be! They are the only boots that stay on. I recommend them to everyone. They're awesome!Thanks kazzalblue!!

Comment after mealybug bought #57824 from kazzalblue

Love love love the Harry Potter finger puppets!! Thanks very much... and they arrived in time before we went away :-)

Comment after teddybears bought #68650 from kazzalblue

Thanks, they are awesome!

Comment after whirledpeas bought #63032 from kazzalblue

Thank you, very well made, going to be perfect for when we need a distraction out and about

Comment after samstills bought #28498 from kazzalblue

The colouring wallet lives in the nappy bag and is used ALL the time!! We have been through at least 4 note pads now and I don't see the novelty fading anytime soon!! Thank you so much! :)

Comment after samstills bought #23179 from kazzalblue

Brilliant!! LOVE it and wonderful seller! :)

Comment after juliemay bought #29957 from kazzalblue

Lovely slippers. Very warm, comfortable and cute. A little slippery on hard floors. Roomy enough for growth which is great because they are going to get a lot of wear. Thank you.

Comment after becksock bought #47713 from kazzalblue

Made a lovely gift. Thanks.

Comment after jacksta bought #8104 from kazzalblue

Thanks SO much for going the extra mile and adding some more length. They look lovely and should last all winter.
Thanks again

Comment after hotleo bought #18861 from kazzalblue

As I said before, Gorgeous!!! Gorgeous!!! Highly Recommend! :-)

Comment after hotleo bought #11129 from kazzalblue

These booties are just stunningly beautiful, Cannot wait for a wee boy to wear these through winter! Gorgeous, Highly Recommend. Thanks :-)

Comment after honeynspice sold #45378 to kazzalblue

Fabulous buyer, great communication and speedy payment Thank you!!

Comment after alittleink bought #31928 from kazzalblue

Unbelievable! These are just as adorable as the Harry Potter ones! SO clever, thank you!

Comment after alittleink bought #23786 from kazzalblue

O my gosh, no one would believe how adorable these are. You need some!

Comment after mjk78 bought #26935 from kazzalblue

Gorgeous puppets - thank you! : )

Comment after juleejules bought #29936 from kazzalblue

Wow I thought when I opened my purchase from you, the booties are just gorgeous. So clever thank you and I will buy another pair as our boy grows out of these.

Comment after juleejules bought #25950 from kazzalblue

So chuffed with my first crafty purchase from the felt site, your work is to perfection, thanks you for the great communication throughout the purchase.

Comment after feltaid sold #30379 to kazzalblue

Thanks so much for your purchase from Feltaid. Your support is appreciated.

Comment after sachahalpin bought #11126 from kazzalblue

So cute & awesome quality!

Comment after bakerbaby bought #23190 from kazzalblue

wonderful product thanks so much - will be ordering more as soon as i can!

Comment after closetgothic bought #19393 from kazzalblue

Very cute and well made bootees - thank you!

Comment after marissabale bought #23178 from kazzalblue

My 6 month old wore the booties today for the very first time and got so many comments re how cute they were and where did I get them. Very happy! Thanks!

Comment after pindle bought #8243 from kazzalblue

Thanks so much. The boots are warm and snug and actually stay on my busy boys feet! :)

Comment after lyndaj bought #16526 from kazzalblue

Thank you for this lovely nappy pouch bag. It's beautifully made with gorgeous fabrics. It sure will help make those nappy changes a lot more enjoyable!

Comment after lily bought #12817 from kazzalblue

Hi, thanks for going to the extra effort to make the specific harry potter puppets i wanted - my son who loves harry potter went mad when we gave them to him - he loves them and him and his sister play with them all the time - thanks so much

Comment after anaisanais2 bought #11124 from kazzalblue

lovely item thanks

Comment after rachelp bought #12866 from kazzalblue

Thank you for the quick delivery and the lovely wee notebook.

Comment after kosi bought #8814 from kazzalblue

The most beautiful little slippers i've ever seen! I will definitely be getting some more. : - )

Comment after roxburgh bought #9245 from kazzalblue

thrilled with purchase thanks