A Little Eco Art, Poetry & Imagination for Little People & We Who Refuse To Grow Up!

A Little Rhyme - for learning -
Illustrated to make art;
A Little Eco and Fair Trade,
And always from the heart.

Little Ones (their adults too!)
Deserve inspired design,
Positively meant and made
This Little Dream of mine.

Welcome to A Little Ink,
Where words and artwork play,
Revel, read, request a poem,
Enjoy each Little Day!

A Little Ink started with my Little Dream to make eco, ethical, educational art for discerning Little Ones that looks A Little Good on the wall too! It's A Little Job I love and I'm so excited to bring you positive products and even my first Little Book this year!

I have A Little Hope that you'll like A Little Ink too and will come find us all on Facebook www.facebook.com/ALittleInkNZ or Twitter and Instagram @alittleink. You can vote on A Little Subject for A Little Weekly Poem, see Little specials as I craftily market them direct to you, my Little Friends, and help us bring A Little Art, A Little Poetry & A Little Imagination into this big world.