I am passionate about all things glass and adore creating out of such a stunning medium.

I first learnt the copper foil technique, created by Tiffany, about 5 years ago and was immediately hooked. Since then I have been an inspired hobbyist, slowly building my skill and taking every opportunity to learn more about glass, pushing myself to do technically challenging projects. Often I get an idea and am unsure if I will be able to pull it off and create it how I see it in my mind's eye, these are the projects I adore the most, where trial and error teach and challenge me.

So far I have yet to find a feeling that beats the feeling when I finally get to see a challenging design as a whole and complete creation. When I am able to lift the glass piece as a whole to see the colours true, with the light behind them, and my breath catches in my throat because the piece is so much more than my minds eye could imagine. The 'Wow! I can't believe I created that!' feeling is what I chase.

Last year I taught myself glass fusing, which has extended the creative range I am able to achieve in glass. Along with learning about warm glass, this highlighted a need in myself to learn how to work with silver in order to be able to create the glass jewellery I could see in my mind, so in the second half of last year I studied silverwork and found that the feelings I get from the labour intensive processes involved in silverwork to be somewhat similar to those of the glasswork I have been doing.

In august 09 I entered 5 pieces in my first glass competition and was elated to have 3 pieces selected as finalists in their categories, with the other two recieving a highly commended mention in their categories. I am proud to be able to say that two of my finalist pieces won their categories (the leadlight category and kiln worked glass category) in the DeVetro Art Glass Competition 2009.

It is my goal to turn my creative endeavours into a fully sustainable full time business.