We have a wide range of products available which are described in further detail below.

All of our products are handmade, and the parts which go into their assembly are of the highest quality. Our buttons are anti-rust, sourced from the UK, and made in Germany. The fabrics that we use for our products are handpicked from around New Zealand from various sources. We ensure that these fabrics echo current trends along with classic styles. Muted colours, stripes and polka dots are a key feature in our fabric choices.

Bobby Pins

We love bobby pins! Ours come in two different sizes, 50mm and 63mm, both with a 23mm button mounted onto a silver bobby pin. These are just divine and exceptionally cute for little girls and big girls alike. Our bobby pins have been sourced from Australia and the United States respectively.

Snap Clips

Our snap clips are fabulous and we have made these with two different button sizes, 23mm and 29mm. The clips themselves are either black or silver.

Hair Ties

Our hair tie buttons are currently available in two different sizes, 23mm button and 29mm button. Our actual hair ties are predominantly black, however, we do have a small number available which are brown. The ties themselves are high quality and are anti-snag.