Love. Colour. Fun. These three things absolutely rock my world and are things that I love to share and have in my life at all times. I excitedly wrap them up into my design projects and I love seeing these projects take flight!

I have always loved illustrating and crafting. When I was a little girl I would sit for hours on weekends drawing and making my own toys. My heart would elate as I would feel them come to life in my hands with each stitch. To me, they would take on little personalities of their own! I'm happy to say my heart still gets an excited little flutter even now when I make and draw characters.

With drawing, I would also watch heaps of cartoons - for inspiration purposes of course! :) - which influenced my career in illustration and animation. I'm also influenced by the world around me and find ideas forming from all corners of my life. Also, working in children's television for many years taught me a huge amount about the industry of making fun things! Young and old, I believe we are all capable of having the same excitement and enthusiasm as children!

Creating makes me extremely happy, and I'm also an eternal optimist who wants to spread love, laughter and peace around the world through my ideas and creations.

With love,
zooshii x