Whiskey tea is a one-woman crafting operation in the Manawatu who creates loved and aesthetically pleasing objects for your eyes. Whiskey tea products make the perfect gifts. . . if you can stand to give them away.

Shelley at whiskey tea has over 20 years sewing experience and has worked with a broad range of materials and techniques. With an eye for fabrics and fastidious attention to detail, she puts a whole lotta love into every item. Quirky, heartfelt and personalised touches finish all whiskey tea products, and every pillow or stuffed product is made with a lot of heart (literally - a small felt heart is hidden deep within the stuffed belly).

Whiskey tea crafts are all hand-produced from scratch, so every whiskey tea is different. . . just like you. Popular whiskey tea crafts include: pop-culture and up-cycled cushions, sock monkeys, portable childrens' play mats, dribble bibs, personalised bunting flags, soft toys (not just for the kids!), nursery design packages, and numerous extravaganzas crafted from vintage and contemporary materials.

Connect with whiskey tea on facebook and look over past and present craft pics: www.facebook.com/whiskeytea

"When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece". (John Ruskin)