Bringing colour, fun, joy and more colour into your homes & life.

Welcome to West Moor Design.

The small business that is bringing joy, colour and fun into your life.

West Moor Design was born in 2016 but I only started putting my full effort into my business in 2018.
Since then I have created pieces for wall art, stickers, postcards, magnets and even gone into the sewing side of the business to create scrunchies.
The process for drawing my art here at West Moor Design always starts with hand-drawn using pen & paper. I usually prefer to use sharpies because I cannot rub out the ink.
Most of my art print illustrations are in a single continuous line style.
The original art pieces are then photocopied into adobe illustrator to create the outlines, add the colour and add any texture or background to the art print.

You can always find me with a cup of tea in hand when I am doing my work.
If you are interested in knowing a little bit more about the artist and the process, find me on Instagram. You can find me at @westmoordesign.