I LOVE New Things

Yes, it is an obsession.

If it is new - I love it!

If it is different - I love it!

Hi! I am Rebecca and I run this show. Everything you see in this shop I have designed and made. Kiwi made. Hand made. I have great kids that inspire me and amazing friends who encourage me.

I started on this journey a long time ago. I was eight when I taught myself to sew. What better way to create new and different things. This kicked off my lifelong passion for all things sewn. Completing my design studies at M.I.T and A.U.T, off into the world I went. After various jobs, including dress-making and designing, managing a fabric department and clothing store, and even a stint in the Food Industry, here I am.

TWO MAGPIES brought me back to what I love. Pottering in my studio designing and making fabulous new things. Always looking to the next new thing.

So, come on in. Take a look around.