I live in an adobe mud brick house Lud Valley, Hira 15 kms from Nelson where we have a food forest and permaculture garden including dye plants such as indigo, weld, safflower and woad.
My whole house is a 'workshop' which spills into our garden where I have a fire pit for dyeing and an open area for my indigo vats and a papermaking area where I turn my left over linen fabric into paper using my 'critter' - a hollander beater made by Mark Lander.
After leaving years of teaching art and design I fully immersed myself into my business ''travelling-lite,and am enjoying how the concept is evolving.
I wanted the business to have a circular economy so there was no waste and I use the principles of Fashion Revolution.
'Judy has always believed that textile and garment production need not exploit the environment but could work in harmony with nature. Her products reflect nature, authenticity and care. She wants her customers to be able to wear and use her products knowing that the environmental footprint is light. '
Rebecca Patchett Fashion Revolution