For some time now I have been collecting 1950s and 60s dress-making patterns. A beautiful era of feminine style.

So now it is time to start making those beautiful dresses and share them with you.

This collection of clothing is one of a kind, however , I have an extensive range of 1950s and 60s patterns for you to choose from and are more than happy for you to come and try available dress or discuss your own custom made dress.

So take some time to look around my store....... I hope you find the perfect dress.... For a Prom, Ball, Wedding, Party, or Special Occasion...... Or just because you are wanting a pretty dress!!!

I also have another FELT store: mumoftwins. If you are looking for a hand knitted garment for your little one or a gift for a friend or family member... Pop over to my mumoftwins store and take a look around.