We are aging grandparents with a strong sense of adventure! For nearly 20 years we lived in our housetruck and divided our time between our studio and selling at fairs and markets. In September we moved into a big old villa in Opotiki which we are developing into an organic garden complete with arty areas of interest, and this we share with Airbnb-ers from all around the world. (It's called Four Fat Hens) It combines all the things we love doing into one more big adventure!
We are passionate about NZ flora and fauna and we have been making indigenous creatures from harakeke (NZ flax) for 18 years. They all have a sturdy wire frame and are carefully wrapped in flax, creating a unique product, designed by Chris. Each one is lovingly and individually created right from scratch, and has it's own personality. No machines involved, just strong hands, and imagination.
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