Welcome to Tarzy Home & Closet

My passion for sewing began as a child. My nana was a seamstress, I loved watching her sew when I was young and my mother often had out the sewing machine or knitting needles, it was part of growing up.

I always enjoyed creating “things” but textiles and clothing took over, often looking beyond the commercial sewing pattern. A great deal of my wardrobe is self-made, from knit fabric to woven woolens, linen, cotton and suiting.

Over the years I have sewn a lot for family and friends and with their encouragement have opened my shop on Felt. The name Tarzy was a family nick-name for me while growing up. I have started with a range of accessories and some women's linen and cotton tops, I self-draft my garment patterns. I keep all of my fabric offcuts (much to my husband's dismay) and repurpose them whenever I can, it's amazing how useful they are and what can be made from them!

Reducing Landfill Waste
My reusable gift-bag collections, lunch sack range and a lot of my cushion covers are made mainly from new good quality remnant, deadstock and seconds fabric, carefully cut to ensure only the unblemished fabric is used - reducing landfill waste.

I love the fact that my lunch sack range can be easily washed and used again and again - well loved within our family.
Our family has also used the reusable gift bags for many years eliminating wrapping paper waste and also fantastic in various sizes for travelling - we have a number of well loved bags in our travel/camping kit - wash & reuse!
After personally making & using them for many years, I so much enjoy making these to share with others.

Thank you for visiting my shop.
Please contact me through Felt if you have any queries.

Also on Instagram @tarzy_hc