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Welcome to the online store of Sue Got Creative NZ. I'm Sue Davies and I'm a crafter with many different interests which I will do my best to cover below.

I love creating handmade goods and also really enjoy restoration. It was a pleasure to work on an old leather bag on behalf of a friend. I removed the old stitching, cleaned and conditioned the leather and then saddle stitched the seams. The bag was beautifully restored and will last for many years to come.

One of my favourite op-shop finds was an old leather messenger bag for $8.00. When the manager noticed that it was broken, he said he couldn't sell it to me in that state, so I explained that the only reason I wanted it was because it was broken! That bag is now displayed in my craft room.

I make a range of leather wallets, which includes Billfold Wallets, Roper Wallets and Minimalist Wallets. Each wallet is unique. The pattern pieces are cut out by hand and the seams are then hand sewn using saddle stitch. This is a much stronger stitch than regular machine sewing since it does not easily unravel. It takes much longer to make but the finished item is worth the extra labour.

Other leather items in the store include coaster sets, keyrings, pencil cases and gift sets.

I also enjoy fabric printing and have experimented with block printing and have done a workshop in screenprinting.

Included in my store are lined cosmetic bags and zipper pouches which are great for keeping personal items together in your travel luggage.

I also have a range of jewellery which includes earrings, necklaces and charm bracelets. These have been made by me from locally supplied beads and jewellery findings.

Thank you for visiting my store.