Xaria and Nighthawk are based in Dunedin New Zealand and both love to just make stuff... from Xaria's sewing, which she goes by the name "Xaria Creates" making quilt's, bags and wallets, cloths and embroidery to Nighthawk's woodworking going by the name of "Wacky Wood Works" making various things from steampunk, laser projects and various other woodworking projects.

The idea of Styled Crafts has been in the back of our minds for some time, we were just not 100% sure how it was going to eventuate also while we didn't know the name we were going to use we knew we just wanted make stuff for people.

We bought a Laser Engraver the xTool D1 10 watt Laser and sparked the journey. While we have had the D1 now for a while we did a lot of work in the back ground. From learning how to it, Xaria making a few stock bag items etc, to Nighthawk building a Database to track and trace various jobs as well as we hope to be able to sell the database to other makers to help them track and trace their jobs. We also bought the domain names and built the website... all before going public.

At Styled Crafts we hope to sell you what we have made, whether it be a Xaria Creates bag, wallet, or quilt etc or one of Nighthawk's Wacky Wood Works projects. However we won't be making to orders just yet the idea is we will be just selling what we have made.