happiness is living in the countryside, two cats curled up somewhere nearby, radio on, and my sewing machine humming away. i'm blessed that this is now my day job and being married to the most patient and understanding man i know.

although ive had a love of cross stitch and embroidery since about 13 years of age, ive recently discovered that i really find happiness in sewing with old school vintage fabrics and together with my 'bag' fetish, A Stitch In Time came to be.

after enormous amounts of procrastination, i entered the craft market scene (as a stallholder, not a shopper - i was already one of those!) just 3 months ago and have met some incredibly talented craftsfolk and feel so at home selling my wares at some fantastic venues. with the support and encouragement of my true friends and family, not to mention wonderful compliments from complete strangers, i havn't looked back!

its a wonderful place to be in life right now and i truely hope that the love i feel in my heart when im creating, is visible in the end result, and that using my products gives you just as much happiness x