Gentle, effective and fun! Science-based care for your hair and body.

Hi! I'm Sara, the owner/operator of The Soho Soap Co.

I'm 32 years old and I live in Somerfield, Christchurch, with my husband Evan and our cat, Charlie. I've always had a love of creating things and have dabbled in many (too many) hobbies over the years, but none have stuck quite like making bath and body products.

I completed a Bachelor of Science at Canterbury University in 2015 and I use that knowledge, along with my love of creating, to formulate gentle, effective and fun bath and body products. I'm picky when it comes to developing my products - if I'm going to put my name on them they have to meet my three main rules:

1. They have to be effective.
Each product must do what it says it's going to do! This is why I spend so long researching and testing each product before it goes on sale (don't worry, no animal testing in sight. I only test on friends and family!)

2. They have to be gentle. 
I want everyone to be able to use my products! I carefully select my ingredients to be as gentle and non-irritating as possible, while still retaining their effectiveness. This is why I will not use any harsh chemicals (such as sulphates) is anything I make. 

3. They have to be as natural and eco-friendly as I can make them.
This is why I refuse to use any palm oil, or palm oil derived ingredients, and stick to vegetable-based ingredients where I can. All my products are 100% vegan! I use recyclable or biodegradable packaging wherever possible.

Everyone deserves to feel pampered and have a little fun. With The Soho Soap Co. that is my goal: I want to make everyday just a little bit more special; to create great products with amazing fragrances that nurture and indulge the skin, without costing your conscience or our environment.