snippets of words on snippets of metal

Welcome to Snippets of Wonderland...

Imagine before you a weathered wooden door with a heart-shaped cutout at eye level. Peering through the heart, you see a myriad of colors.

Gently push the door open and step into my garden, a secret garden if you will, filled with delights. Flowers abound in innumerable colors and varieties, with a backdrop of ivy-covered walls. The lush green garden is dappled with fruit trees of every variety. You hear gentle birdsong. See the strawberry patch off to your left? Go on, pick a few to enjoy on your tour. You’ll notice veggie patches here and there - please help yourself.

As we move down the path into the central part of the garden, past lilacs, lilies, and fragrant honeysuckle, I’ll draw your attention to the signs posted throughout:
“Sprinkle kindness like confetti.”
“The earth laughs in flowers.” (We can thank e.e. cummings for that one.)
“In a gentle way, you can shake the world.” (Ah, Gandhi. So wise!)

You’ll notice these little snippets of creativity spread throughout my wonderland. I think they enhance the feeling of calm serenity and might even inspire.

Time for a rest in my garden - imagine your most comfy corner where you’d like to settle in with a book and tea. Maybe it’s a hammock, swaying gently in the breeze, or a super sized beanbag that envelops you as you settle in. Maybe for you it’s a plush chaise or a king size bed with loads of pillows. Imagine it - and there it is before you.

You’ll notice on this side of my secret garden, the wall is lined with books as far as the eye can see. Take your time choosing and settling in - you’ll find that time is immaterial here, as reminded by another sign located on the bookshelves:
“Come with me where dreams are born, and time is never planned.” ~Peter Pan

So settle in and be inspired - to read, write, draw, create, whatever it is you wish - make this place your own. Enjoy the snippets from my wonderland as a reminder and a welcome to return anytime.