SIGnificant Bags began because I wanted to "do something" for the environment. I also wanted to start a small business for myself after many years of teaching Business Studies.

I started with the idea of keeping obsolete curtain samples out of landfill. The size of the samples lent themselves perfectly to making tote bags. This also utilised my lifelong sewing passion.

I still make the occasional tote bag, and still have many beautiful samples on hand. But over the past 12-18 months I have been concentrating on Christmas themed products. I am dismayed by the amount of paper that is used at Christmas that ends up in landfill. With this in mind I have been creating reusable Christmas wrapping. This includes gift bags of many sizes, and Furoshiki - a fabric substitute for wrapping paper and carry bags that has been used for many centuries in Japan.

In the future I will also be including more printing (see the Tiny bags) on my products to make them truly unique and original. And to round out the Christmas theme I will be making keepsake/reusable Advent calendars and Christmas stockings to order.