I began handcrafting buttons and beads with polymer clay nine years ago when my partner and I moved to the West Coast in a housebus. It was something I could do when the weather was a bit wet and I couldn't get out into the garden. The technique I use to create the designs in the buttons, beads etc is derived from the ancient art of millifiori (many flowers). The Romans made glass beads using this technique. I use polymer clay as it is affordable and fun, the items I create are durable, washable and relatively inexpensive. My preference is for flowers but I can make many other designs and enjoy a challenge if someone has a particular design they want made.
I love gardening and being creative, I also like to read and listen to a variety of music from modern folk to hard rock. We now live in a house my partner built and have an alternative power system and a semi self sustainable lifestyle with chickens, ducks, a bunny, a cat and dog. Its great!