I started making jewellery about four years ago initially starting with a couple of basic beading classes at a local beading shop. It didn't take me long to realise I had not only found a new love, but had also found my niche craftwise.

Primarily self taught through tutorials both on-line and in magazines, the first technique that I really fell in love with was chainmaille. I loved the challenge of mastering the different weaves and have since found further pleasure in teaching these weave to others.

The second techinque that I really fell in love with was wire work, although truth be hold, this is a catch all for a variety of techniques. I love the fluidity and originality of wirework, being able to start with a couple of reels of wire and some gemstones, and being able to end up with a truly original piece of jewellery.

I love working with sterling silver and a variety of good quality gemstones. I also like to use Swarovski crystals on occassion to add some exta colour and sparkle! I am also now starting to work with gold-fill wire so am looking forward to deloping pieces in that medium.