New stuff made from old, everything has a story.

Here at Re-Arranged, we make new stuff from old.

With materials often destined for landfill, we reclaim used and unwanted things, and rearrange them into something new, useful, and often beautiful.
With our furniture makers background, there is often a reclaimed wood theme, like our chopping/charcuterie boards and serving trays, rustic candle holders, carved driftwood bowls and small furniture pieces, to name a few. There are also the ever popular range of inner tube wallets and card holders, tube and chain jewellery, and other random one off creations.

Anything is fair game though, and we will often create a new item from anything old when inspiration strikes. Bike parts, inner tubes, old signs, copper wire, pallets, driftwood, house parts and general 'rubbish' - all have potential, and the journey continues in newly created and joy sparking items.