Hi, I'm Selma Rainey. I am a self-taught glass and jewellery artist, based in Christchurch, NZ. I design and make jewellery and objet d'arts from glass, mostly flowers and little creatures. I adore nature and it is the principal form of inspiration for all of my work, and I tend to focus on more familial things like flowers from my garden. After working with glass for 16 years, it still can be unpredictable (it has a mind of its own, most of the time!), but I love the fact that I can make my pieces from scratch including all sorts of shapes, intricate details as well as the range of colours that can be achieved from combining different glasses together. I practice lampworking (melting glass rods and sculpting them over a hot torch) as well as enamelling (sifting powdered vitreous enamel onto copper and silver) and all of my pieces are kiln-fired to achieve a beautiful finish and added durability.
When I make a sale, I do a little happy dance each time. I am so grateful when you buy one of my pieces because you are not only supporting small and local - you are helping me realise that my career as an artist is not just a dream. Thank you!