My wife Kate and I, along with our four young children recently relocated to Hastings New Zealand following Kate’s career and in search of a better, healthier life outside the big bad city of Auckland. After settling in, as the at-home parent I wanted to find a way to be productive once all our kids start school. So, I borrowed some money and acquired the tools needed to do something I'm passionate about - working with wood.

My main goal of Peterson Woodcraft is to create quality, safe products that people love as much as we do. Our aims are not to take over the world, but be known for quality handmade craftsmanship, and earn enough money to help create a better future for our children and become debt free.

Kate manages the more back of house stuff from the photography to marketing, editing text for listings and keeping me on task about updating our social media. She helps out where she can in the workshop and has been known to hand paint a block or two.