Golden Bay Honey is a small, family run beekeeping business located in Golden Bay. Our hives are situated in remote locations amidst native bush.

We are truly fascinated by the life of bees and have always been amazed to see how the bees build and fill the comb with honey. We think, tasting some of the fresh honeycomb from the hive is the best thing about beekeeping. A true gift of nature.

Driven by wanting to share this experience with a wider public, we designed and hand-built the PureComb mini frames.
With the PureComb mini frames, we offer you the experience of tasting honey just as the bees made it, unprocessed and untouched from the hive.

We are respectful towards the bees and manage the hives organically, trying to maintain the hives in a natural way to be able to produce excess honeycombs without negatively affecting the colonies.

Golden Bay Honey arose within it's parent company Heaphy Honey.
Heaphy Honey is a well established beekeeping business with apiaries amidst some of the more remote locations. Heaphy Honey has been operating in Golden Bay for well over 30 years.