Don't just do something, sit there! - Sarah Gibbs (founder of natural skincare brand,Trilogy)

I currently live in Marlborough - a region renowned for it's world class wine! My day job involves showcasing some stunning wines and my spare time is consumed with crafts. Recently we have moved out to a rural setting surround by farmland and overlooking pristine bush clad hills - perfect for creative inspiration!

I was fortunate to grow up in a family of women devoted to a wide array of handcrafts so spent many happy hours under their tuition in my younger years. From hand-knitting to machine sewing and hand stitchery. These dear people set me on a wonderful path of discovery!

My over-riding joy and love is the medium of WOOL. Maybe this is in large part to spending most childhood holidays playing and working on my grandparents sheep farm in the central North Island. Wool is such a fabulous fibre - warm and breathable, hard-wearing and abundant in this country.

Since returning to New Zealand after living seven years in the United States I have rediscovered the pleasures of working with wool. In my creations you will find both hand-knitted items and also up-cycled creations.

I delight in scouring our local thrift stores for old blankets, some are in pristine condition despite 30 to 40 years of use, while others are tattered in places or with spot stains - perfect for up-cycling into new treasures. Recently I have begun to dye the blankets in delightful vibrant and modern colours. And then I get to incorporate my other great love - beautiful cotton fabrics - with a range of appliques and linings.

I am constantly on the look out for new ideas so stay in touch and see what develops on this wonderful and joyful creative journey ....